Rugby in which you play as a caterpillar.
When crawling and rolling freely as a caterpillar, you forget about your age, gender, presence or absence of disability.
Ah…, I don’t want to go back to being a human…




1. Players wear the special Caterpillar Wear.
2. Teams are divided as 5 vs 5. 5 minutes each for the first and second half..
3. The fundamental movements are: crawling forward or rolling.
4. There are 2 types to score points:
Caterpillar Try: 2 points scored when you touch down the ball in the “Try Zone”, a L-shaped try area.
Caterpillar Throw: 3 points scored when you roll the ball from behind the “throw line”, and the ball rolls under the rope between the cones.
5. Passes should mostly be rolled. Rolling the ball forward is also ok. However, passes thrown in the air must only be thrown backwards.
6. The defense tries to tag the shoulder to arm of the player holding the ball. If the player holding the ball gets touched, they have to pass the ball. Once the number of touches reach to 5, then the offense and defense switches.
7: If there is a rough play, the player will flip on their back and perform “Caterpillar Freeze” throughout 1 play.