Do you know that the function of your throat weakens as you age?
You may experience a harder time breathing or swallowing food.
The weakened function of the throat may cause aspiration pneumonia.

Aspiration pneumonia is an infection in the lungs which is caused when food or liquid is breathed into the windpipe or the lungs instead of being swallowed. The weakened chewing power and the weakened muscles to move the tongue to swallow food increases the chances of causing aspiration pneumonia for people over the age of 70. The best way to recover the function of your throat and prevent aspiration pneumonia is to move the throat by using your voice.

However, many welfare facilities were lacking rehabilitation for the throats. Hence in collaboration with the experts, we invented an enjoyable rehabilitative yuru sport, “Tap-tap voice sumo”. Sumo is a popular sport among the seniors. In Japan, “Ton-ton sumo” is a popular game created based on sumo. The game uses paper sumo wrestlers on a box. Players tap the edges of the box to vibrate the surface of the box and make the wrestlers move.

Our version of sumo is “Tap-tap voice sumo” which is a reinvention of sumo and paper sumo. In “Tap-tap voice sumo”, players play sumo by using their voice. The ring vibrates in response to the voice of the player allowing to move the paper sumo wrestler on the ring.

“Tap-tap voice sumo” is a sport to “Rehabilitate the throat”, necessary for the seniors.




A sport done with our “tap tap” voice as suggested in the name!
1. Let’s use your voices and say “Tap tap tap tap” into the microphone provided for each player.

2. The ring shakes and lights up depending on the volume of your voice.

3. The very realistic paper sumo wrestler will demonstrate various moves on the ring!

4. It is a 3 round game, and the player who wins 2 rounds first wins the game.

※ The standard number of players will be 1 vs 1, but team games such as 2 vs 2 is also possible.