In “The tower of Oshirius (Butt)”, butts fall from the top of the screen when you draw circles with your butt!

It is a territorial game, in which the player who created bigger and more butts wins the game.

It is the world’s first sport which players play against by drawing circles with their butt.
This game is aimed to train the ability to bend and stretch the knees, which is an ability that many children these days have a hard time doing.
This game is a very popular sport among adults and children with many repeaters!

Target age: from 3 years old (children aged 0-2 can join while being carried by their parents)
Number of players: 2




1. When you draw circles using your butt, “butts” drop down from the top of the screen!
2: The size of the “butt” is based on the size of the circle you draw with your butt.
3: Draw as many circles as fast as you can to fill the screen with your “butts”.
4: The player who created bigger butts and filled the screen with more butts wins the game.