Soccer in which everyone can only move for 500 steps.
The steps decrease on every step,
and if you have 0 steps left,
you are out of the game.
However, if you rest on the spot,
your steps will recover.
It is an amusing sport in which you are praised for resting.
It is recommended for you with little confidence in physical strength.




1. It is soccer done in 5 vs 5
2. All the players wear the “500 Steps Soccer Device”
3. Everyone can only move for a limited number of 500 steps.
4. Your remaining steps will decrease by one on each step you move.
5. If you run, your remaining steps decrease by 5 or 10 steps at a move.
6. You are out of the game once your steps reach 0.
7. However if you rest on the spot, your steps will start to recover 1 step/sec after the fourth second of your rest.
8. If the ball goes out of the court, the team who kicked the ball out has to retrieve the ball back.