If the ball was a baby…
“Baby basketball” is basketball using a special ball which will burst into tears when moved intensively.

Hitting or throwing the ball vigorously is a taboo.
Of course, you can’t dribble the baby basketball.

Pass and catch the ball gently with care while making sure not to make the baby basketball cry.

It is the world’s most soft-hearted basketball which tests the players’ sense of being a parent.




1. The basic rules are the same as regular basketball. Baby Basketball is a sport in which you bring the ball to the basket which is held by the goal player in your team. 5 minutes for the first and second half of the game.

2. Each team consists of 5 players; 4 field players and 1 goal player.

3. A special ball, “Baby ball” is used. When shaken, dribbled, or thrown with intensity, the ball cries out loud.

4. When a player makes the baby ball cry, it is turned over, and the team loses possession of the ball to the opposing team.

5. The following behaviors also cause the team to lose possession of the ball to the other team:
“Overfond Parent”: The player holding the ball walking more than 4 steps.
“Overprotection”: Holding the ball for more than 3 seconds.
“Directly baby”: Handing the ball to a teammate directly with their hands.

6. Points are scored when the ball is placed in the baby basket in the “Breastfeeding Zone”.
If the field player scores within the “breastfeeding zone”, 2 points are scored. If scored outside of the “breastfeeding zone”, 3 points are scored.

The goal player must hold the baby basket and they cannot move out of the “breastfeeding zone”.
Also, the players from the opposing team cannot enter the “breastfeeding zone”.

7. Dangerous plays such as hitting the baby ball will be considered as “Un-parenthood Foul”, and the opposing team will gain a “free baby” (free throw).
“Free baby” is worth one point when successfully scored.

Let’s treat the baby ball gently with great care!