Bubbly! Laundry Tennis is cooperative tennis done in pairs.Instead of tennis nets, clothes hanging ropes are used.

You get the laundry from the laundry basket placed in the middle. Then you open and hold that laundry with your partner to catch the ball thrown by your opponents.

Once you throw the ball back with your partner using the piece of laundry, you hang that laundry on the rope and pull out a new piece of laundry.

Choose the laundry wisely not in a rush but quickly before the ball comes flying to you from the opposing team.




Hang the clothes hanging rope in the middle of the rectangular court as the middle net. And also prepare laundry baskets on both sides of the rectangular tennis court. Repeat throwing and catching the ball using the laundry clothes held by 2 people on both sides of the net.

1. The games are done in pairs. Choose the laundry to use from the laundry basket. Throw(serve) the ball from the back half of the court.
2. Hold the edges of the laundry with your teammate and catch the ball, then throw back the ball. You have to catch the ball within one bounce. The ball can only bounce once before catching the ball.
3. If the ball does not bounce in the court, it is “out”, and the receiving team gains a point. If the receiving ball cannot throw the ball back, the team who threw the ball will gain a point.
4. After throwing the ball back, hang the clothes on the rope, choose the next piece of laundry from the basket, and wait for the ball to be returned from the opposing team. The method to choose the laundry is up to you. Choosing which clothes to use also requires some strategy.
※If the clothes fall off from the rope, the opponents receive one point.
※The last piece of laundry will be used until the point is scored without hanging on the rope.
5. The scoring team gets the serving position. Repeat rules 2-4. First team to score 5 points wins.

Video of the Sport