A sport in which you compete on the number of times you can move the long barbell up and down as a team.

Do not underestimate just because the barbel is light!
The special barbell which can fall apart in pieces if the timing is not right will challenge your teamwork.




One team consists of 3-8 players, holding the long barbel connected with magnets.
You will compete how many times you can hold the barbell up and down within the time period.

1. Start with the plates on both ends of the barbel touching the floor.
2. Raise the barbel as a team until a certain height (the height will be different for each team, so the referee will decide the height at the start of the game). When you raise the barbell to the level, the referee blows a short whistle, and you earn 1 count.
3. Lower the barbel while being careful not to break the chain of barbels until the plates on both sides touch the floor. Once both plates touch the floor, raise the barbel up again as a team. Your team can raise the barbell back up at your own timing, the referee will not instruct you when to raise it back up.
4. Repeat rules 2-3, and try to raise the barbell as many times as possible within the time period.
5. The barbel will break into pieces if you do not move the barbel with balance together as a team.
“Barbel Break”: When the chain of the barbel is broken. The referee will blow a long whistle.
6. If “Barbel Break” occurs, you have to put the barbell back on the floor and restart once everyone in the team is ready. This is called “Rebarbell”.