Seesaw Tamaire is a peculiar tamaire played with the seesaw-like wobbly baskets.

“Tamaire”, a popular traditional game played in Japanese sports festivals, is a ball-toss game in which you throw balls in a basket set on a high pole.

Be careful not to put too many balls in the basket! With too many balls in the basket, the basket might flip over and drop all the balls causing you to lose all the points!
When it is your turn to attack and score points, try not to flip over the basket.
But when it is your opponent’s turn to attack, try to flip over the basket.

Try to win the game by cooperating with your team!




1. There are 2 teams, and each team consists of 2-8 players.
2. One “attacking time” 30 sec. Both attacking and defending team throw the balls in the same basket.
3. The number of balls remaining at the end of the “attacking time” is the score for the “attacking team”.
4. However, the basket used in this sport will flip over if there are too many balls thrown in the basket. If the basket flips over, it will be 0 points from that moment.
5. Your goal is to keep as many balls in the basket in your “attacking time”. Your other goal is to flip over the basket in the opponent’s “attacking time” to cause their points to be 0 at the end of the game.
6. There are 2 “attacking times” for both teams, so there will be 4 rounds in total; first attacking time for team 1, first attacking time for team 2, second attacking time for team 1, and second attacking time for team 2. The total points from the 2 rounds are calculated.
7. If the basket is flipped over, the game and the timer pauses. The game restarts with the referee’s sign.
8. Actions of throwing the ball to knock over the basket, interfering with the opponents, and holding on to the ball is considered a foul. In addition, you can only hold up to 4 balls at the same time.
9. When a foul is detected, the referee will make appropriate decisions such as deducting points.

The key to victory is to have tactics and strategies shared within the team to beat the opposing team. Not putting too many balls as an attacking team on purpose, or putting as many balls as possible as the defending team may be one of the many tactics for the game.